The Borromeo palace was built from 1632 on the north-western tip of the island Bella, is characterized by an imposing facade about 80 meters long, at the center of which the hall of honor develops like a curved protrusion occupying a height of 23 meters.


At the beginning of the 20th century Isola Madre was used as a hotel and then privately granted to a very select clientele. Today the location offers access to the public as a museum complex.


The fire analysis carried out was strongly influenced by the peculiarities of the areas present in the building, the study on fluid dynamics simulations was therefore able to determine and address the impact found in the exodus in the presence of fires located in critical areas.


Realization of the VVF project. Design of detection and alarm systems.

Verify Exodus Routes

Fire simulation near escape routes and evacuation check.


Production of cinematic productions based on the technical data analyzed and simulated.

Borromeo family




2.500 m²

Project Area

- €

Global Price

Beautiful Island (VCO)


Cinematic fds (V. 2018)

Graphic representation of the main areas of the historical structure, an example of fluid dynamics analysis carried out in one of the most critical areas. Further scenarios and data are carried out and analyzed for the achievement of the CPI.

Verify Visibility

3D view of the development of the fire in the hall, the red surfaces represent the areas without visibility.


Vertical section of the main escape route used for the evacuation of the museum complex.

Building Details